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Motorsport Ireland has created a strategic plan with a mission to develop motorsport in Ireland in union with the clubs, drivers and volunteers. A key part of this plan is the creation of a high performance programme, The Team Ireland Foundation. The Foundation will focus on identifying, supporting and coaching Irish competitors who can succeed in all categories of competition both domestically and across the globe. The aim is to put Irish drivers at the forefront of international motorsport. 

To achieve that we need both private and corporate donors with the vision to see this innovative and worthwhile endeavour become a success. Your involvement, however great or small will go a long way to helping these young drivers reach their potential as they aspire to be the best at their chosen sport.

What is ‘Team Ireland’?

* Team Ireland is our national programme of support and development for talented drivers in the sports of rallying, racing and karting. 

* Members of Team Ireland will receive individually designed physical, psychological, dietary and skill based coaching from leading experts. 

* The Team Ireland Foundation supports drivers over a cycle of a number of years and is funded through philanthropic donations and corporate programmes. 

* The fund is used to develop and support the competitors to their highest possible potential through a Talented Driver Development Programme and an Elite Programme.

* The goal is to nurture our greatest prospects as they strive to achieve international success for Irish motorsport.

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